2019 and the effect of life for Aries

In the year of 2019, there are certainly the returning of major changes in many stars sign, the come back of Jupiter which resulted in the change of faith or the movement of Phra Rahu which also no doubt, will be highly effect on all 12 zodiacs. 

Here are the basic summary of how each zodiac sign will likely to be in the year 2018. Started with

Aries (13th April - 14th May)

Overall : still in stress mode, do not think too much as it will cause you sickness, be very cautious before making any decision in life, do not try to involve with illegal matter, stay justice, you can be involve in court case or problem with official government. 

Work : Believe in yourself more, use logic and reason to apply in every situations, listen to advise given by your supervisor or adult, keep the rules and stay in moral

Money : Be very careful, you might encounter the issue which need big sum of money, pay for fine, carefully look at all agreement that you made as it might bring troubles later on.

Love : For all single men and women, this might be another waiting year, you should not be too strict with ideal of love. Those who already in a relationship, need to stop looking for your partner's mistake, let go and give each other some freedom, give private life and give respect, this will lessen all the argument in the relationship.

Health : Due to the over stress, it can created headache, tiring eyes, pain in muscles. You should look after yourself and take healthy food, do relaxing activities to chillax your mind.

How to improve : Do lots of merits, you can give donation to help in medical area, help in operation, it will lessen your karma by given chance of better life to other people and open up you to meet good opportunities and someone to come to help when you are in trouble.  


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